Behavioral Health Admissions Platform

Deploy a Behavioral Health Admissions Platform on Salesforce

Start Now.

Execute on your admissions improvement strategy with a pre-built Behavioral Health Admissions Platform created for Salesforce.

Platform Functionality

Deploy your program with a platform that provides data segmentation and lead generation, outreach and enrollment, patient engagement and coordination, and referral partner collaboration functionality.


Identify potential program participants and data sources.


Contact, educate, and gain consent of eligible program participants.


Capture screenings, assessments, and  participant information.


Deliver your services in a collaborative, organized, and effective way.


Improve your program with analytics and business intelligence.

Go Fast.

Develop a competitive advantage by partnering with an extension of your IT department and provide the technology tools necessary for strategy execution.


Customize the platform using Status:Go’s Building Blocks Library—our data package that gets you 80% toward implementation before the project even begins.


Using our Smart Questions we’ll create the remaining system functionality in real-time allowing teams to react, review, and reconfigure during working sessions.


You know your organization. We know healthcare delivery, Salesforce, and how to get things done. Our guided project engagements get your solution operational quickly.

Let’s get started.

The first step: Getting on the phone to discuss your project.


creating a partnership

Establish Trust

A relationship starts with trust. You get to know us, we get to know you, and we create a rhythm for collaboration.

Co-Create Vision

You know your project. We know technology. Let’s bring that knowledge together and create a shared vision.

demonstrate value

We’ll demonstrate our ability to execute with demos, proofs of concept, and project success.

produce a plan

Let’s bring it all together by creating the blueprint for our work together and the path for executing your strategy.

Project Experience

We’ve helped every type of healthcare delivery organization execute on a variety of strategies.

Provide the tools your teams need with

Status:Go and Salesforce

Technology to help you execute strategies.

Improve metrics that matter to your business.

Help your team do more work that matters.

For Healthcare.

Salesforce is an application development platform that healthcare providers are using to solve business problems of all types. And it possesses the privacy and security features demanded by the industry.

Salesforce has been used to establish, cultivate, and manage relationships with customers, partners, and vendors by companies around the world. It has been used to execute, improve, and innovate.

Salesforce may be the largest technology company you’ve never heard of. It recorded over $8 billion revenue last year. Salesforce provides a cloud-based technology platform, used by more than 150,000 enterprises around the globe, that businesses of all sizes have customized and configured to upgrade operations, relationships, and outcomes.

Now you can put it to use in your healthcare delivery organization.

Our shifting industry requires a flexible, complementary technology platform that can be implemented anywhere, connect with anything, and is perpetually customizable.

Have you ever worked with an organization like ours?

Probably! We’ve helped healthcare providers of all types implement Salesforce including pre-revenue start-ups to multi-speciality physician groups to integrated healthcare delivery systems to nationwide administrative support organizations and a bunch of providers in between those areas.

Can I see a demo?
Yes! Get in touch with us.
Is your solution HIPAA-compliant?

Most technology companies will stamp their solutions as “HIPAA compliant.” But that’s a bit of a misnomer. “HIPPA compliant” doesn’t actually exist.

HIPAA is a shared responsibility between you, Status:Go, and Salesforce. As part of our sales process, we have an in-depth conversation about HIPAA best practices related to cloud-based technology.

Do I need to purchase Salesforce?
Yes. We’d be happy to help you navigate the Salesforce sales process.
How much will it cost?
Our solutions start at $75,000.
Will you sign an NDA and/or a BAA?
Yep and yep.
What contractual documents does my organization have to sign?
There are two primary documents as part of our project agreement: a Masters Services Agreement (MSA) that outlines the contractual terms of our relationship and a Statement of Work (SOW) that outlines the project’s business and technical requirements.
How long will it take to get my project up and running?
Typically we like to get projects started within a week of the contract being signed. The sooner we get started, the sooner we finish, and the sooner the technology is delivered. We’re at our best when deploying projects in twelve-week increments and so we typically scope projects for the functionality that can be delivered in that amount of time.
What is the required time commitment from my project team?
Budget 90-minutes twice weekly for our trademarked Working Sessions. The project leader will typically need another hour or so weekly for administrative stuff with a project manager.
What Status:Go resources will be on my project team?
Our project team consists of a lead consultant, project managers, and a bunch of behind-the-scenes resources.
How is the solution supported after implementation?
Solutions typically require some level of ongoing support dependent on your organization’s needs. You generally have two options: an internal IT resource that is familiar with Salesforce or a Managed Services agreement with Status:Go where we continue to enhance your platform.

If the platform is a one-time project, your level of required support is likely to be minimal. Many of our customers continue to create additional functionality after the initial project goes live and a monthly Managed Services agreement is usually best.

How do I get data out of my old system and into my new system?
We’re here to help! Your IT team will typically help you get the data out and we’ll help you get the data in.
Will you come on-site?
Typically we haven’t needed to. But some customers have desired to host us for certain parts of the project implementation and we’d be happy to make arrangements.

Start Now. Go Fast.

Status:Go’s trademarked implementation methodology gets your project started and finished, quickly.


Establishing a mutual understanding of the project.


Creating the solution through ongoing collaboration.


Testing the solution and preparing users to operate it.


Launching the system and transition to support.

Project Delivery Model

Shared Expertise

Leverage operational knowledge with industry experience and past project success.


Create functionality in real-time to allow teams to react, review, and reconfigure.


Flexible, complementary platform to create solutions for every operational need.

Status:Go creates software for healthcare delivery providers to improve operations, execute strategies, and try new ideas.

We know healthcare delivery, Salesforce, and how to get things done.

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