We’ve heard you! Prospects and customers were constantly telling us that 80% of what they do is just like every other provider. It’s the rest that makes you unique.

So we’ve created Salesforce packages that prevent you from having to tell us about the 80% everyone already knows and gets us started on the 20% that matters.

Behavioral Health Admissions Platform

Data segmentation and lead generation, intake and admissions, and provider referral management functionality.

Healthcare Contact Center

Coming April 2018!

Population-Specific Care Management Platform

Data segmentation and lead generation, outreach and enrollment, patient engagement and coordination, and referral partner collaboration functionality.

Provider Relationship Management

Coming June 2018!

Post-Acute Care Referral and Admissions Platform

Provider relationship management, intake and referral management, and referral source communication functionality.

Project Experience

We’ve helped every type of healthcare delivery organization execute on a variety of strategies.

Start Now. Go Fast.

Develop a competitive advantage by partnering with an extension of your IT department and provide the technology tools necessary for strategy execution.


Customize the platform using Status:Go’s Building Blocks Library—our data package that gets you 80% toward implementation before the project even begins.


Using our Smart Questions we’ll create the remaining system functionality in real-time allowing teams to react, review, and reconfigure during working sessions.


You know your organization. We know healthcare delivery, Salesforce, and how to get things done. Our guided project engagements get your solution operational quickly.

Status:Go creates software for healthcare delivery providers to improve operations, execute strategies, and try new ideas.

We know healthcare delivery, Salesforce, and how to get things done.

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