Healthcare Transformation Power Lunch

Healthcare executives tell us every day: “We just need to execute.”

It’s become our mantra.

Those same executives tell us that technology is an important component of successful strategy execution.

While not every problem is solved with technology, nor does every opportunity require technology, increasingly solutions are dependent upon technology.

We grew tired of hearing stories (from those same executives) about technology vendor shenanigans (“trust us…”, over promises, etc.), EHRs that don’t do everything that was promised, an over-reliance on homegrown tools, slow internal approaches, etc. So we decided to do something about it.

The Healthcare Transformation Power Lunch offers a sneak peek at a technology solution crafted specifically for your project’s needs.

You tell us a little about your project and organization. We get on the phone for an hour to talk about the project. We reconvene after lunch to show you what we’ve created.

We’ll start your project and show you what we’ve created on the day we meet. That’s it.

Start by submitting all of your information with the form below.

Then we’ll send an email containing our Project Building Blocks Framework and information about next steps. You’ll get on the phone with someone from our team to share more about your organization and project vision. We’ll ask you the tough questions like: What’s your budget? Do you have contract signing authority? When would you like to go live?

(Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information or know all the answers—we’ll work with you to get everything we need to get started. We just want to make sure that the Power Lunch is productive.)

Once everything is set we’ll schedule our Healthcare Transformation Power Lunch for a day that works with everyone involved.

Here’s the Power Lunch Agenda:

Pre-Lunch for 60-Minutes: We’ll talk about your Project Building Blocks and ask you questions.

Lunch: You eat. We work.

After Lunch for 60-Minutes: We’ll present what has been created.


What is it?
It’s a sneak peek at a technology solution crafted specifically for your project’s needs. You fill out our Project Building Blocks framework and answer a few questions about the project and your organization. We’ll talk for an hour in the morning. You give us a little time over the lunch hour to do our thing. We’ll reconvene in the afternoon to show you what’s been created.

Why would you do it?
Because it’s the right thing to do.

Healthcare delivery is transforming and organizations need technology to support their initiatives. We believe we have the right tools and the right approach.

Also: we worked for healthcare providers before starting Status:Go. We know there is a better approach to technology. We don’t want to be a vendor, we want to be a partner.

How do you do it?
Start Now. Go Fast. We’ve worked with hundreds of healthcare providers across the country to help them solve their healthcare transformation business problems. That experience has allowed us to create project infrastructure we’d love to tell you more about in a more private setting.

And Salesforce. It’s the greatest cloud platform ever created and we can do just about anything with it. We’re nearly certain we can even integrate with the espresso machine in the physician lounge, but we’re still looking for a customer to try it with.

Who do you work with?
We only work in healthcare. Thankfully that consumes about 20% of the United States economy. So if you think you fall into that chunk of U.S. GDP it’s likely we’re a fit for each other.

What if I’m not an executive?
That’s okay! Some of us were once healthcare middle managers before, too. We love middle managers. We think you’re critical to organizational transformation. And we know you have a super difficult job.

So we’d definitely like to chat. But we also want to know if you have an executive sponsor or signature authority. So expect that question. A no isn’t going to stop us from getting together for the Healthcare Transformation Power Lunch but you’ll definitely have to share some details about your brilliant plan.

What gets produced?
Specifically: we start a new Salesforce “Trial Org” where we create the beginnings of a technology solution specifically for your needs. Then if we decide it would be nice to work together we’ll pass that “Trial Org” to one of our project teams who will take the project to the finish line.

Who gets to keep what is produced?
If we end up working together: you. Otherwise, the “Trial Org” expires after 30 days and what we create disappears into the digital ether.

Is there an obligation?

What is Salesforce?
They are a $9 billion cloud technology company. It’s amazing what we can build on the platform.

What does it cost?
Part of why we get together during the Healthcare Transformation Power Lunch is to figure that out. We’ve signed contracts ranging from $50,000 into the millions. It just depends on what you’re trying to do.

We often use the analogy of building a house. What does it cost to build a house? How many bedrooms do you want? Do you want wood floors or carpet? Would you like a finished basement?

You get the picture. It depends on a lot of different factors. Thankfully we’re experts at figuring out pricing.

Typically we aim to scope 12-week projects. That usually means somewhere between $75,000 and $250,000 plus the cost of Salesforce licenses. We’ll help you navigate the licensing process.

Can I speak to a reference?
Yes! We’d love to make that happen. But we wait until the appropriate time as we get closer to signing a contract together to introduce you to a reference aligned with your project.

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