Use technology to meet requirements and prepare for participation in a CMS alternative payment model


Delivery Setting
Physician Group

Customer Profile
Tennessee Oncology: A multi-clinic, community-based oncology care provider preparing to participate in the Oncology Care Model (OCM)

Business Problem
The customer needed to fulfill certain requirements in order to be named an Oncology Care Model participant. Specifically, the customer needed to:

  • Use data to engage in continuous quality improvement
  • Provide patient navigation for each OCM patient
  • Document a care plan for each OCM patient
  • Treat patients with nationally recognized clinical guidelines.

Status:Go created a Patient Management System to manage oncology care for all patients from referral, to diagnosis, through a survivorship program. The new system allowed the customer to employ quality improvement activities, provide patient navigation for all patients, document care plans that could easily be shared with partners, use a decision-support system to treat patients with clinical guidelines, and included a contact center application for front office staff and contact center care providers.


  • The customer deployed the model and platform at each of its more than 30 network clinics
  • All information related to patient phone calls was tracked (and could be reported on) so that coordination between multiple providers and stakeholders could occur and process improvement activities could take place
  • Care plans for 82% of clinic patients were documented, tracked, and updated since system inception

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