Replace sunsetting nurse triage system with comprehensive customer relationship management platform


Delivery Setting
Comprehensive Pediatric Medical Center

Customer Profile
Children’s Mercy pediatric clinical healthcare contact center that provides nurse triage services to patients and physician practices

Business Problem
The pediatric medical center needed to replace an existing nurse triage technology solution that was being sunsetted by a vendor

Status:Go created a new, seamless contact center application for the nurse triage program by:

  • Implementing Triage:Now, Status:Go’s nurse triage application integrated with Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content
  • Configuring a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system (Salesforce)
  • Integrating Salesforce with provider’s existing electronic health record (EHR)
  • Integrating Salesforce with organization’s enterprise telephony solution

The organization created custom workflow to support triage nurses and call center agents, allowing contact center staff to triage multiple patients from a single caller, access provider practice specific information (office hours, contact information, standing orders, bulletin information, etc.) in a knowledge base, track and refer to community resource providers, and e-fax triage notes to affiliated providers.

The new system improved operational efficiency for managers through an easy triage note chart review and audit interface, a custom call queue creation interface, and streamlined workflow to track and consolidate duplicate calls. In addition:

  • Triage notes automatically appear in patient record through EHR integration
  • Average hold time was reduced to under four minutes immediately after system installation
  • Customer expanded provider practice triage services to additional pediatric clinics because of efficiency of new system

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