Redeploy existing contact center to provide centralized scheduling and referral management


Delivery Setting
Integrated Healthcare Delivery System, Physician Group

Customer Profile
An integrated healthcare delivery system’s centralized contact center, formerly a community service and nurse advice line

Business Problem
The customer needed a centralized contact center system to specifically support patient populations identified in value-based contract relationships. The project intended to redeploy the organization’s existing community-focused call center into a centralized contact center providing appointment scheduling and referral management services. The solution needed to:

  • Allow agents to schedule appointments for over 100 practices, including tracking scheduling preferences of providers and answering calls individualized to each practice
  • Provide automated appointment reminders and live-agent assistance for rescheduling and customer service requests
  • Facilitate provider referral management and follow-up from primary care to specialist providers to keep more referrals within the employed and affiliated networks

Status:Go customized a platform allowing the contact center to centralize scheduling, appointment reminders, and referral management services to support over 100 provider practices. The solution included:

  • Centralized scheduling module to track all patient demographic information and appointment documentation, as well as providing staff with clinic-specific scheduling rules and sending patients customized appointment reminders
  • Referral management module that documents referrals through the EHR based on provider and patient preferences, and automatically generates referral records
  • Automated task management component that reminds specialists to follow-up with patients and ensures practices communicate clinical outcomes
  • CTI (telephone system) integrated that provides agents with specific caller information and practice affiliations

The contact center saw year-over-year improvements, including:

  • Network integrity improved from an estimated 60% to a documented 81%
  • Employee satisfaction increased from 56% to 84% following implementation, as measured by annual Gallup survey
  • First-call resolution improved to 77% from 56%

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