Increase patient follow-up visits with patient engagement platform


Delivery Setting
Ambulatory Care

Customer Profile
AMSURG, one the of the largest ambulatory surgery center operators in the United States

Business Problem
AMSURG needed a care management system that would support new processes to target patient outreach and customize communications to ensure at-risk patients received follow-up clinical services.

Status:Go created a Patient Engagement Platform that incorporated patient data from the provider’s clinical system and cross-referenced the clinical needs with patient data from the practice management system. Using a rules-based model, the Patient Engagement Platform would automate preferred communications to the patient and support appointment scheduling.

The communication is a direct letter and/or email message to create outreach messages with individual patient diagnosis information including disease risk. The communication includes notification of necessary follow-up procedure due date and highlights the importance of prompt scheduling through clinical risk measures.

Patients are directed (via embedded link in text or email) to a scheduling website allowing them to request appointment date and time for the required procedure. Contact center agents follow-up with the patient to confirm appointment, provide education relating to the procedure, and update the clinic scheduling system as necessary.

Scheduled and confirmed patients continue to receive outreach and education material, including prep, day-of-procedure, and post-op information, in the days or weeks leading up to the procedure to improve ongoing engagement and ensure appointments are kept.

AMSURG replicated a research study study published in an academic journal by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic.

After implementing the Patient Engagement Platform at four pilot locations, AMSURG increased the rate of targeted patient follow-up visits by to approximately 40% at all four sites and is expanding the process to all clinic locations across the organization.

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