Improve mission, community benefit, and community health improvement operations with a platform


Delivery Setting
Integrated Healthcare Delivery System

Customer Profile
Mission, community benefit, and community health improvement department in a community hospital

Business Problem
The department sought assistance on two persistent business process problems:

  • Facilitating, tracking, and responding to donation and support requests from community organizations
  • Collecting and tracking community benefit submission data from departments throughout the hospital

Status:Go used Salesforce to create a platform that automated the donation and support request process and customized the process for collecting organization-wide community benefit information.

The platform included a web form for community organizations to request donations electronically, summary reporting for committee meetings, and a donation request tracking function.

Community benefit data collection web forms were created and customized for each department to facilitate data capture. Monthly, quarterly, and annual community benefit data are easily compiled using customized Salesforce reporting functionality.


  • The system removed frustration and misunderstanding from the community benefit reporting process prompting the department to change its reporting responsibility from quarterly to monthly to improve accuracy
  • Department staff time spent seeking and managing community benefit data collection was reduced significantly
  • Reporting was vastly improved, allowing new insight to community benefit activities and donation support requests

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Status:Go creates software for healthcare delivery providers to improve operations, execute strategies, and try new ideas.

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