Digitize proprietary clinical guidelines and deploy a clinical decision support platform


Delivery Setting
Physician Group

Customer Profile
A regional medical oncology network with twelve clinics

Business Problem
The oncology network needed a platform to deploy a decision-support solution to support two clinical requirements:

  • digitize the symptom management protocols for chemotherapy patients, and
  • survey patient distress and addressing identified problems

Status:Go used their Healthcare Decision Support foundation to transform the network’s static, proprietary content into a dynamic rules-based logic engine. Existing protocols, guidelines, and algorithms were incorporated into the solution so care coordinators and nurses could easily manage patients and create referrals and interventions based on patient symptoms and survey data. In addition, Status:Go designed a patient-facing mobile app to collect survey responses in the waiting area.

Nurses within the network, especially the care coordinators working in the centralized contact center, provide recommendations to patients based on symptoms, care plan components, treatment specific information, and make social service referrals based on need, geography, and financial capacity. Information is easily appended to the patient’s medical record.

Six moths following implementation:

  • Unnecessary emergency room visits resulting from symptoms related to recent chemotherapy treatment were reduced by 7.8%
  • Average patient distress score decreased 1.7 points between the first and third survey response
  • The network saw a 23% increase in the number of patients that were connected to relevant social and community support resources
  • The solution aligned data collection across business units and eliminated the use of home-grown (Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF documents) decision-support tools

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