Create an operations system for health improvement, insurance enrollment, and care coordination


Delivery Setting
Integrated Healthcare Delivery System

Customer Profile
An integrated healthcare delivery system’s community health worker program that provides health insurance enrollment assistance, care coordination, and intervention services for Medicaid patients

Business Problem
Program operations were reliant on multiple outdated, unconnected technology systems, including an existing electronic health record, state-owned data systems, a shared network drive, and Excel spreadsheets.

To meet revenue goals and maximize program effectiveness, the organization required a centralized operations platform to align program management activities including resource allocation, patient management, and reporting.

Status:Go created a solution to facilitate, document, and track the patient acquisition and customer service processes across the healthcare delivery system. Features include:

  • Tracking patient acquisition and insurance enrollment activities
  • Primary care referral management
  • Centralized system to coordinate social and community support resource referrals
  • Patient-facing portal to track health improvement goals and activities
  • Integrated emergency department patient registration data to identify new patient acquisition opportunities
  • Scheduled text and email campaigns
  • Automated reports on patient participation, population health metrics, and referrals

The platform allowed for immediate business metric reporting for the first time in the service’s history. Administrators could track revenues across programs and allocate resources based on outcomes.

  • Patient enrollment in Medicaid programs increased 35% in the first year of system operation
  • The organization was able to report 100% of consulted patients without a dedicated primary care provider received primary care referrals, a previously untracked metric
  • Over 3,200 patients were assisted in signing up for health insurance benefits, an increase of over 180% from the previous year

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Status:Go creates software for healthcare delivery providers to improve operations, execute strategies, and try new ideas.

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