Create an operations platform to manage sales, projects, and asset tracking in telehealth department


Delivery Setting
Integrated Healthcare Delivery System

Customer Profile
A telehealth department at an academic medical center providing outreach services to regional partners

Business Problem
The medical center recognized telehealth as a core pillar of its outreach and patient referral strategy and desired to streamline departments operations across five specialties and partner clinics in multiple states by eliminating home-grown solutions

Status:Go created a solution to serve as the primary business system for the department. The platform includes:

  • Customer relationship management for prospective and current customers
  • Task management for planning, implementing, and tracking the numerous details of preparing a new location for telehealth services
  • Asset management for leased telehealth equipment
  • Automated system to capture and manage internal and external product and feature development needs, service requests, project management, and product and feature development requests
  • Sales forecasting, contract management, and prospect information gathering
  • Tracking and documenting advertising outreach and marketing event activities


  • Contract execution turnaround time was reduced by 7 days
  • Project implementation following contract execution was reduced by 15 days
  • Department eliminated all home-grown business operations tools including Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, legacy project management tools and paper forms

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Status:Go creates software for healthcare delivery providers to improve operations, execute strategies, and try new ideas.

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