Create a referral management solution to reduce network leakage and improve network integrity


Delivery Setting
Integrated Healthcare Delivery System, Physician Group

Customer Profile
Employed physician group at Centura Health, an integrated community healthcare delivery system

Business Problem
The leadership team of a multi-speciality physician group needed a platform to track, document, and report physician-to-physician patient referrals. Newly acquired practices were using a variety of electronic health records and the organization had decided to implement Salesforce as a consistent tool for referral management.

Status:Go built a referral management solution specific to the provider referral process that matched the optimized workflow of agents in a centralized contact center. The solution included:

  • Searchable provider criteria: speciality, accepted insurance, patient gender preference, etc.
  • A provider portal to submit referrals
  • An integration to append referral records to the replacement electronic health record
  • An integrated telephone solution that allows patients to check the referral status and request follow-up from contact center agents

After implementing the new referral system, the organization was able to measure performance and analyze performance metrics related to referral management and customer service.

  • Centralizing the referral management process in a contact center saved an average of 53 minutes per day for provider office staff, who had been conducting referral management tasks
  • Network integrity for referrals from primary care referrals to specialists increased by 7% six months following implementation
  • Patients responding as “always” to the CG CAHPS survey question for new appointment availability increased to 42% six months following implementation

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