Create a platform to support direct-to-employer contracted healthcare delivery services


Delivery Setting
Integrated Healthcare Delivery System

Customer Profile
An occupational medicine department that partners directly with employers to provide drug screenings, worker’s compensation evaluations, and annual physicals for employees

Business Problem
The provider required a solution to track operations and coordinate efforts across the department, replacing home-grown tracking spreadsheets and paper forms.

Status:Go customized a platform to provide the organization with an operations tool and reliable source of real-time data sharing. Features include:

  • Sales Management – prospect management, sales cycle tracking, and automated performance reporting
  • Marketing – event information and management, reporting, and outcomes tracking for drip marketing campaigns
  • Contracting – contract tracking from quote to execution
  • Client Management – client portal for employers to manage customer preferences,

Having a centralized management system allowed the team to coordinate efforts across departments, reduced duplication, and outcomes-driven processes. In the six months following implementation:

  • Twenty-two percent increase in sales outreach activities
  • Administrators were able to forecast fiscal year sales projections for the first time
  • Improved customer service, efficient resource allocation, and expedited customer billing

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Status:Go creates software for healthcare delivery organizations so they can improve operations, execute strategies, andtry new ideas.
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We’ve helped every type of healthcare delivery organization execute on a variety of strategies.

Status:Go creates software for healthcare delivery providers to improve operations, execute strategies, and try new ideas.

We know healthcare delivery, Salesforce, and how to get things done.

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