Create a platform to provide services required for CMS Alternative Payment Model program


Delivery Setting
Physician Group

Customer Profile
A five-clinic, 17-provider oncology physician group participating in the Oncology Care Model

Business Problem
Customer required a platform that could provide an all-around view of a patient’s care over time and track referrals, follow-ups, patient requests, and patient interactions with non-clinical staff.

Status:Go created an Oncology Management Platform that:

  • Gave clinic staff real time visibility for every patient, including access to clinic and lab visits, helping oncology navigators better support patients and advise of next steps.
  • Gave clinic staff and providers a view of a patient’s care over a period of time.
  • Allowed navigators to document their patient interactions and manage task lists for each patient’s care plan.
  • Created a mini-centralized contact center.
  • Includes a social service database and standardized referral solution process.


  • As a result of the new system, patient call wait times were reduced from an average of 4:30 minutes to just over 2 minutes, six months following implementation
  • The automated system-of-record solution for oncology navigators allowed staff to eliminate paper notes, Excel spreadsheets, and emails as a means of workflow and task management
  • Platform allowed customers to provide patients a direct referral to any social or oncology-related service as part of their care plan; previously patients were provided a list of service providers.

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